Level I / CAT I Ultrasound Training - UE Systems

Level I / CAT I Ultrasound Training

Course overview

Our comprehensive Level I / CAT I training class will aid you in significantly improving your predictive maintenance program and implement a world class ultrasound program at your facility. The theory, principles and practices of Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasound Technology are taught As the worldwide leader in ultrasound instrumentation, training and support, UE Systems specialists will teach you:

  • All aspects of Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasound Technology;
  • Effective mechanical analysis, leak detection, electrical inspections;
  • How to perform: compressed air leak surveys, condition-based lubrication, steam trap inspections, bearing analysis, electrical inspections;
  • How to improve asset availability and company profitability;
  • Improved techniques and methods for quality ultrasound inspection;
  • How to enhance recording and reporting skills through our data management software and special analysis software;
  • How to reduce and save on energy consumption.

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The Level I / CAT I course is for inspectors seeking to advance their knowledge in Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasound Inspection, supervisors, energy auditors, service company personnel who perform PdM, energy audits or leak detection for their clients and service personnel who desire to demonstrate technical and inspection proficiency to their clients.

Training Agenda