RAS - Switch Box - UE Systems

RAS – Switch Box

When access or safety make it challenging to inspect a test point, the RAS Switchbox is your answer.

RAS Switch Boxes
Connect and test single or multiple points remotely.

Permanently mount a RAS to a test point and run a coax cable to the UE RAS Switch Box. Once connected, you may test up to 8 test points at a time. To test, attach a RAM (Remote Access Module) to the Switchbox, select a test point indicator and collect your data. It’s that easy!

The UE Systems Switchbox can be used with the Ultraprobe 9.000, 10.000, 15.000 and 401.


Dimensions: Height: 107 mm (4.25 inches); Weight: 1.38 kg (3.05 lbs)
Material: 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel
Electrical Connections: BNC
Inputs: 4 to 8 RAS Sensors, Switchable
Output: Single RAM (Remote Access Module) Output Connection
Electrical Mounting Isolators: Included


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