UE Systems exhibits at Cigre – for power system experts - UE Systems

UE Systems exhibits at Cigre – for power system experts



From the 22nd to the 26th of August, UE Systems Europe will be present at Cigre, an exhibition dedicated to electrical systems and targeted at power system experts.

The event will be held at the Palais des Congrès, in Paris, France.

UE Systems will present its ultrasound instruments and solutions for electrical inspection together with the company Pfisterer – both companies will share the same booth.

This is a great opportunity for UE Systems to demonstrate to electrical specialists from all over the world the advantages of using ultrasound for electrical inspection.

About Cigre:

Cigre is the leading event for Power Systems Experts, counting with more than 91% of international attendees – mainly TSOs, utilities and DSOs, international influential decision makers, technology experts and specialists from the worldwide power industry.

The last edition of the event, in 2014, counted with 8500 attendees from 85 countries, 3235 delegates (Senior Executives, Experts, CEO’s, Young Engineers…) and 240 exhibitors (+40 compared to previous Session).

More information at http://www.cigre-exhibition.com/

About Pfisterer:

The PFISTERER corporate group has been dealing with the interfaces in the flow of electricity ever since it was founded back in 1921. As a specialist in energy transmission and distribution, Pfisterer offers a range of sophisticated, future-ready products: for all voltage ranges and wherever reliable, long-lasting systems are needed for powerful energy grids.

More information at http://www.pfisterer.com/

About using Ultrasound for Electrical Inspection:

Ultrasound inspection can be performed at all voltage levels (low, medium and high) and is used to detect:

  • Corona
  • Partial discharge or tracking
  • Arcing
  • Mechanical vibrations (transformers)

Partial discharge/tracking, arcing and corona all produce ionization which disturbs the surrounding air molecules. An Ultraprobe from UE Systems detects high frequency sounds produced by these emissions and translates them (via heterodyning) down into the audible ranges. The specific sound quality of each type of emission is heard in headphones while the intensity of the signal is observed on a display panel. These sounds can be recorded and analysed through ultrasound spectrum analysis software for diagnosis & reporting.

More information at http://www.uesystems.eu/applications/ultrasonic-electrical-inspection/