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Component Identification and Repair Management using Ultrasound Technology
Case Study by: Denver Osthoff, Armstrong World Industries
Bearing failure can lead to unplanned downtime and production interruption. This can be extremely costly and impact the company’s bottom line. Allowing bearings to run to failure was not an option. Relying on older mechanics to intuit a potential failure was not feasible either. Looking for cost-effective, reliable technologies to improve equipment availability and reduce maintenance costs was the option. Lees verder >

Monthly Bearing Maintenance Equals Big Savings
Case Study by: Chuck Peterson, Peterson Predictive Maintenance
 Large plant in Kansas was over greasing motors and had to replace motors once every 2 or 3 years. When bearings were perceived to be needing lubrication, they were greased. Most plant technicians assumed that bearings should be greased monthly regardless of lubrication inspections. This can cause major damage and help towards the failure of the machine.
The unplanned downtime and new motor replacement issue was costing the plant a fortune. Lees verder >

Improving Machine Availability in Cranes at Panama Ports
Case Study by: Ernesto Gayle, Panama Ports Company
Panama Ports Company administers two ports in the Panama Canal. Their mission is to become a leading port in the Americas for services and logistics. As part of the goal leading towards system-wide efficiencies there was a need to reduce maintenance costs for bearings by improving lubrication methods and reducing premature bearing failure. Lees verder >

White Papers

  • Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring UK
    This whitepaper will review the basics of ultrasound technology, what is new to the technology and how it is used for condition monitoring to locate safety hazards, reduce energy waste and improve equipment availability.
  • Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication UK
    Learn about the effectiveness of ultrasound assisted lubrication for reducing bearing failure incidents.


Momenteel alleen beschikbaar in het Engels UK