Meet world’s most advanced ultrasonic inspection instruments!
  • Electrical


    Locate electrical discharge to report and analyse

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  • Bearing condition

    Monitoring & inspection

    Get an early warning of bearing failure & lubrication

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  • Steam trap


    Identify faulty steam traps to reduce energy loss

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  • Leak


    Locate leaks fast and easy & report cost

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Ultrasonic inspection instruments,
meet the world’s most advanced systems!

Looking for one of the most advanced ultrasonic inspection instruments? The Ultraprobe® is just what you need!

UE Systems has been the internationally recognized leader in the development of airborne and structure borne ultrasound detection equipment since 1973. Our extensive range of Ultraprobe® instruments are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Whether you look for:

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  • A simple and cost effective leak detector for compressed air, vacuum or any type of gas
  • A complete leak auditor with leak cost calculation software
  • A steam trap and valves inspection tool
  • Monitoring bearing condition fast and easy with our license free DMS software
  • Preventing over-lubrication of bearings
  • Locate and analyze electrical problems

Our instruments will fit all your inspection and budget requirements. With the integration of software in our digital instruments, one instrument can handle all of these application areas, making it one of the most versatile ultrasound inspection instruments available to you!

We strongly believe that customer support is king and is reflected best in class quality of instruments, software, technical support & training programs worldwide. We have several training options available; from on-site technology implementation trainings to Certified Ultrasound Level I/Level II training classes all over Europe.

This website is not only designed for providing you information about our company and products, but also as a resource for application specific information, cases and software update downloads. Need support right away? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We invite you to the world of UE Systems!

Meet our ultraonic inspection instruments at a local event.